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Indonesia's Leading Engineering Company

“Delivering Quality”

PT. Nusatama Berkah or also known as Nusatama Special Vehicles is a well-known manufacturing company in Indonesia which is engaged in the manufacture and fabrication of special vehicles or special vehicles that serve as a support for the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry, as well as for the mining industry, such as mineral and coal, and is also widely used in supporting the forestry industry in Indonesia.
As a national leader in vehicle manufacturing that provides national and international class products, PT. Nusatama Berkah consistently and continuously strives to develop the quality of production, service quality and technical capabilities of the company, both in our equipment and workforce with high dedication, quality human resources and continuously developing by implementing and applying the latest cutting-edge technology.
PT. Nusatama Berkah has a vision to become a leading Special Vehicle Manufacturer that is sustainable by producing high quality products that are indispensable for industrial development in Indonesia, especially in its role as a country leader in manufacturing. We want to continuously provide vehicles that support the upstream and downstream oil and gas industries, mineral and coal mining, and the forestry industry.



18 Office Park 6th Floor Suite C
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 18
Jakarta 12520 - Indonesia