Company Background History

Nusatama is a special vehicle manufacturing company, producing high quality and specialised vehicles for upstream and downstream oil and gas, mining and commercial logistics sectors, Nusatama has earned trust from customers for more than 10 years.

Founded in 2009 by Ir. Bambang Susilo and Ir. Ismu Prasetyo, both are experienced professionals within the special vehicle manufacturing industry since the 90s.

In 1989, Ir. Bambang Susilo left the company where he worked and built a small truck manufacturing company with his partner Ir. Ismu Prasetyo.

In 2009, both of them stepped up further, rediscovered and founded PT Nusatama Berkah. PT. Nusatama Berkah has a vision to become a leading special vehicle manufacturing company in Indonesia that is sustainable by providing many high quality products that are indispensable in the industry in Indonesia.

Nusatama continue to innovate to develop new products such as side dump trailers with a capacity of up to 120m3 which among the largest capacity both in Indonesia and regionally, high bed and low bed trailers, fuel tanks, concrete mixers with powder coating technology, logging pole trucks for wood transportation, truck cranes for lifting goods and logistics, trailers for transporting containers, self loaders to transport heavy equipment, and other high-engineering products to meet market needs. Today, we stand tall in producing special vehicles for specialised industries that demand precision, reliability, speed and extraordinary engineering experience, and we will continue to strive for excellence.


18 Office Park 6th Floor Suite C
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 18
Jakarta 12520 - Indonesia